About Us

"Mixedtees.com is the brain child of military veterans who
accidentally got their chocolate stuck in their peanut butter" - Famous Celebrity

A graphic designer and website developer and a journalist and business manager started Mixed Media Group in 2010 and from their combined love of all things Nerd came Mixedtees.com and hundreds of awesome designs supported by an equally awesome community of like minded fanatics!

Why Mixed Tees? Well, the whole company is a mixed bag of fandoms and personalities that work together in harmony. The family also owns Mixed Print, which focus on business to business promotions, printing and promotion.

Mixedtees.com was established in 2011 and has undergone several evolutions. While we have shirts for everyone in every walk of life, we’ve always stayed true to the #NERDLIFE!

"Nerdy Couture" became the company slogan in 2014. Regardless of how you dress, we are the couture you are looking for.  All of our T-shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, Posters, and tote bags, are American Made. Created on order and shipped to our fans hot of the press, the quality of our product is paramount.

Creating a positive customer experience is the most important thing we can do, thank you for your continued support and enjoy your fresh threads!

Want to talk to someone live: (855) MIX-TEES

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